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Ski Weeks ~ Ski Improvement

Join our Weekly Ski Improvement Programs
Adult Programs

Skiers 19yrs to over 80+ years


ur wonderful ski-pros will chat with you on the first mornings easy warm-up runs to see what your ski week goals are.  You love the way they will meld these into a positive and fun week of holiday skiing.

You'll ski with the same terrific ski-pro each day all week, in our semi-private or private group (private groups separately booked).

With multiple groups skiing each week we have the group that will fit your skiing and confidence level.

From skis-n-drills, cruising the groomers, to off-piste discovery and all mountain exploring, our ski week programs are exceptional.

Teens Programs

Skiers 13 to 18 years

Skiing teens tend not to want to ski with their folks or with their little brother or sister.  We get that.  Our teen groups are for teens, and arranged so they're close in age & skiing ability.

Keepin it cool and making it awesome is all part of the experience of our teen ski weeks.  Using fun skills to develop technique and confidence is a foundation of our coaching.

Challenging them to gain confidence by stronger technique and considering slope-safety and terrain awereness are also foundatons of our instruction.

A sense of team and shared experience is key to finding a love of skiing & alpine life.

Daily Schedule

This schedule applies to adult, teen and our kids programs

Monday | Day 1

9.20a | Meet at Ski Adventures & your Ski-Pro
9.30a | Head out for easy warm-up runs & chat with your ski-pro about your skiing
10.00 | Coaching begins
12.30 | Lunch
1.30 | Head out for the afternoon session
3.15 | Return to meeting place at days end
5pm | Apres-ski get together

Tues - Thur | Days 2 - 4

9.20a | Meet at Ski Adventures
9.30a | Head out for easy warm-up runs and Coaching begins including video analysis
12.30 | Lunch
1.30 | Head out for the afternoon session
3.15 | Return to meeting place at days end
5pm | Wednesday apres-ski get together

Childrens Programs

Skiers 8 to 12


Although skiing with your folks is great, it can hold you back, because sometimes they're a little slow and almost never duck into the trees on the side of run.  We get that.

Knowing your kids are having a blast, enjoying included hot chocolate stops and all while you are enjoying your skiing holiday, well it doesn't get much better.

Doing is a great way to learn and kids love it, talking technique can be boring so watching, doing and trying is so much fun and engaging.

Being given some responsability for yourself and your ski buddy is part of learning to be a good skier and  part of our coaching.

Friday | Day 5

9.20a | Meet at Ski Adventures
9.30a | Head out for easy warm-up runs and coaching begins
1.30 | Group lunch with your ski-pro
2.00 | Skier of the Week awards
2.30 | Thank you & week end

Fast Facts

Resorts: Silver Star Mountain Resort


Every Monday from Dec 15th, 2014Monday - Friday | 9.30am to 3pm daily |


Adult Skiers | Novice to Expert |

Price: 1 week $895 cad | 2 wks $1,690 | 3 wks $2,485

Teen Skiers | Novice to Expert |Price: 1 week $795 cad | 2 wks $1,490 | 3 wks $2,185

Child Skiers | Novice to ExpertPrice: 1 week $695 cad | 2 wks $1,290 | 3 wks $1,885


Same Ski-Pro all day all week (uniformed & radioed)

Semi-private or private groups

Technical instruction

Video analysis of your skiing

Friday lunch with your Ski-Pro

Skier of the weeks awards

Ski boot assessment & Ski equipment checks

Coaching includes, for example (conditions dependent);



ski race brush-gate training


tree skiing

powder skiing

From hard charging to cruising & coffee, our renownd ski week programs provide an exceptional experience.  We have been running ski improvement programs since 1986 and we are constantly updating the programs, making our ski weeks outstanding.  Our Ski Adventures ski-pro will chat with you on the first mornings easy warm-up runs to find out what your skiing goals are.  With seemless expertise they will incorporate these into a positive and fun week of holiday skiing. 


' Skiing with Ski Adventures is like skiing with friends who are experts

and who make you feel like a local at the resort. '

You'll ski with the same terrific ski-pro each day, all week, in a semi-private or private group (private groups separately booked).  Your Ski Adventures ski-pro will get to know you and you them, conversations will be as much fun as the skiing.  This is so wonderful because tomorrow they'll know what you like and don't like, for example they'll remember if you are carrying an old football injury, that needs to be guarded. It is as much about the connection as it is about the skiing.


We offer 3 different weekly ski programs designed for you and your family/friend; our adults program, our youth/teens program and our child/kids program.  Having dedicated programs for everyone means a terrific experience is enjoyed by each person.  Adults ski with adults ski with adults, teens ski with teens and kids ski with kids (of course, if you book a private group you can ski with your children).  Having a great social fit in your small ski group is just as important as having the corect fit for your skiing ability.



For some guests, the ski-week will be an easy ski holiday, no stress and totally relaxed, with effortless cruising and no great desire to ever ski a black diamond run.  For others it is a daily program offering physical and technical challenges in varied and changing snow conditions.    We'll check your equipment, your boot fit, boot flex & alignment, the warmth factor of ski gear and more, all to ensure that you are set up for success and a happy ski day.


Our ski weeks aren't just about the skiing, they're great fun and for most guests one week just isn't enough.


Advanced and Expert Skiers enjoy personal ski performacne seminars along with a more technical focus on their skiing.  You will develop both technical and tactical skiing on and off piste, this will stregthen your confidence and we'll discuss snow science and how to deal with the different snow conditions.



We do NOT do ski-offs to, so there is no awkward moment where you are judged. The social side of being in a fun semi-private (or private) group is always important to us in our ski weeks. 


There's something for everyone and we love blending the incredible skiing with apres-ski social get-togethers for adults, separate ones for teens and dedicated fun for the kids groups too.  This makes it fun for singles, couples, families and groups as we meet new friends with the same passion.

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