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Like something out of the movies...

We've all seen them, we all love them and they're on TV that time of year when we're surrounded by family and friends, when multi-coloured lights are hung up around the house, when the smell of roast beast and veggies tickles the nose. Those winter holiday movies that we remember so well.

It's here at Silver Star Vacation Homes where those movie memories come back to life. It could be the sound of sleighbells out in the streets covered in freshly fallen snow, the holiday music coming from within the open fire heated restaurants, or the soft glow of the lights that illuminate the buildings at night. All of these make you stop in your tracks, hold that special someone close and make you feel like you've been swept away into one of your favourite winter holiday movies.

Sound like something you'd like to experience? Come stay with us and create your life long memory with Silver Star Vacation Homes.

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